Super 8
2338 Wagon Circle St
Rawlins, WY 82301-5129

Found 2 reports:

Stayed at this motel in January of 2009 while moving my son cross country from Chicago to Salt Lake City. We were both exhausted from a long, snowy drive across Wyoming and woke up in the morning covered in bites! Wasn't sure what they were at first but checked internet and figured it out. Got to Salt lake and took all our clothes to laundromat, left suitcases in the car and froze the little buggers! Absolutely the creepiest feeling ever!

Thank God I found your site. August 10, 2008 we stayed at the Rawlins Super 8 and were bitten by bedbugs. We captured 3 and took them to the night manager who seemed unconcerned. The best they would do was move us to another room. At 2:30 a.m. in the morning this was the best we could do. What a nightmare! What a horrible motel! Corporate Super 8 needs to do much more to control the people who operate their franchises.

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