Super 8
306 Merchants Walk
Summersville, WV 26651-1903

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We stayed at this hotel in June 2014. Our daughters checked the bed and found a live bed bug. We checked the head boards and they were covered with black fecal matter. The management moved us to another room but same case with the headboards.

My husband checked into this hotel Monday, Oct. 15, 2012 & found bedbugs on Tuesday evening. They said this had never been reported before and didn't really want to go and check out his room. He insisted something be done. So they took all his things and washed them. They also put him in another room. No advisable, but his job had put him there, it was late and he was just hoping to get some sleep. He didn't find any in the 2nd room, but the damage may already be done. He isn't even home

yet and I am in such dread! He will NOT be staying there again!

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We checked in on 8/30/2012. When we entered the room a strong pesticide odor was noticed. Before settling in we checked both beds and found live bedbugs on one of the beds. We went to the front desk and the person denied any knowledge of bedbugs in the hotel. We checked out and stayed else where.

my stay at the super 8 motel was terrible May 1-6 our sheets were dirty and the toilet ran all the time. about our second day there i was in the bathroom and saw a bed bug crawling near the doorway!!! Then again on the next to last day there we were getting ready for bed and i seen one crawl across the blanket!!! needless to say i freaked out!! and i would not ever go back there.

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