Super 8
550 N Jefferson St
Lewisburg, WV 99999

Found 3 reports:

March 10-11th. I stayed here one night with my husband and we slept in separate beds because they were double beds. The following day I was covered literally from head to toes with dozens of bites. They are all over my neck and I now have swollen lymph nodes due to by body fighting the bites off. I am miserable and extremely itchy!!!! STAY AWAY!!! This has happened several times at this location!!!!!!

We stayed at this hotel on 9/7/11, in room 222. I found a bug crawling on me and showed it to my roommate. Having experience in bedbugs, he was able to i.d. it as such. I then realized that my arm was completely ate up. We caught one in a cup, and showed it to the receptionist. We then asked for my money back and took off.

I stayed in this Super 8 Motel from August 28 & 29, in room 219. By the time I got home I was completely infested with bites that later turned into welts. I am still suffering from itching today (Sept 13). I AM CONVINCED they came from this motel. Prior to staying here, I never experienced anything like this.

I would stay as far away from this hotel as possible.

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