Fairfield Inn-Fairmont
27 Southland Dr, Fairmont, Wv 26554
Fairmont, WV 99999

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I brought bed bugs home from one of two hotels! I stayed at this Residence Inn Aug 1-3, September 13-14, and September 26-28, 2012. I also stayed at the Fairfield Inn in Fairmont September 5-7, 2012. I can't confirm which hotel or which dates I brought them home but they had to come from one of these hotels. The cost and emotional distress this experience has caused me and my family is undescribable and the problem is still not over. PLEASE check your room before you stay anywhere and DO NOT tak

e any luggage into your home when you return and take ALL clothing straight to the washer!! I called both hotels and neither of them said they have seen any bed bugs but they would check the rooms I stayed in. Very frustrating.

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We stayed one night (November 27, 2011) at the Marriott Fairfield Inn in Fairmont, WV and in the morning discovered two bugs on the bed; one on a pillow and the other on the blanket. We had no evidence of bites, but put the bugs in a cup and took them to the hotel manager. She emailed me later in the day and told me the exterminator said they were indeed bed bugs but found no evidence of further infestation and suggested that WE had brought them in ourselves!! Imagine how we felt...positive we w

ill NOT stay at this hotel again.

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