Big Cedar Lodge
E11232 Hillside Dr
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

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We just returned from a family vacation at this hotel. We stayed in their 2 bedroom cabin with a loft. I inspected the beds upon check in and didn't see any evidence of bed bugs. On our second morning there, I woke up with 20 bites on one of my arms and bites on my feet and ankles. My husband had bites on his ankles. Everyone thought a mosquito must have made it's way in to our bedroom. On the 3rd morning, my face, neck, legs and other arm were covered in bites. I searched the bed again,

more thoroughly. Upon this inspection, I found 3 blood like stains on our sheets. We then peeled everything off and found the bed bugs. They are not easy to find, especially when the cabins are kept so dark. We had to use a flashlight and mess things up a bit to find the live one. The stains are a tell tale sign though. The other bedrooms appeared to be bed bug free, as no one else had bites. The management was extremely apologetic and refunded 1 nights stay but were unable to relocate us. My family left that day due to this nightmare. The manager also gave us money for the laundromat. I am absolutely miserable and I am scared to death of bringing these nasty things in to my home. We are following all instructions on how to prevent that from happening. I really wish hotels would get a handle on this. Plastic mattress protectors, a trained housekeeping staff, something. We stayed here from 8-12-15 until 8-15-15.

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