Super 8 Reedsburg
1470 E Main St
Reedsburg, WI 53959-1403

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Stayed 11/20_22 for deer hunting weekend. Woke up to bed bugs. Proprietor didn't seem too concerned and was reluctant to discount the room or make amends.

Stayed 1 night on the ground floor. Woke up to bite marks on arms, neck, and face. Went to DR as I did not know what they were. Called back to Hotel to notify them so it would not happen to the next guest. They were less than interested to speak to me. Emailed Super 8 HQ and still have no response. Doctor is treating me for 30+ bites. Now the concern is what did we bring home with us. Live bugs or eggs. Spending a great deal of time and money on home sprays. We are living l

ike prisioners in our house, constantly looking to see if there is a bug under everything. My hope is that no one else has to go through this.
Date of Stay June 22, 2013

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