Country Inn & Suites by Carlson, Prairie Du Chien, WI
1801 Cabela's Ln
Prairie Du Chien, WI
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My family stayed two nights at this hotel April 3 and 4, 2015. The two people that spent time in the sheets of the rooms hide-a-bed were eaten ALIVE by bedbugs!! We called hotel management and they immediately refunded the money for both nights, before even calling the exterminator to investigate. Upon a return call by us, management says they found no bugs. We have pictures to document the bites and doctor verification that they are bedbug bites! We will be taking further action if our own home

becomes infested due to the possibility of bringing any of the nasty critters home in our luggage!

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I have seen the bites on my sister in law who recently stayed there and they are bed bug bites.the people who stayed and spent 250.00 on stuff they needed I doubt they ever stayed there again and I believe you made that up to cover your butts so thanks for your try to cover it up.

My husband and I stayed at this hotel on the night of the 3rd of September. The beds were small so we slept in different beds well in the morning I woke up With bumps on my stomach and back and butt!! I showed my sister inlaw who is a Nurse and she said they for sure bed bug bites!!!! This is the only place we stayed on our trip!!! I called the hotel when I got to our destination which I was told the district manger woul call be back in a hour which she never did so 4 hours later I call her she

sai she was sorry and they would check out the room. She called me the next day and said they tore up the room and found nothing. Like I told her they wouldn't tell if they had!!! I will be writing to corporate to let them know about this and they will receive pics to see what they have done to me!!!!

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We stayed at this hotel on July 18th and 19th, 2012, in rooms 309 and 311 and both rooms were infested with bed bugs. My husband, myself, our 2 1/2 year old daughter and our 9 week old son were all bitten. We saw multiple small blood stains on the sheets and after closer investigation we saw actual bed bugs, both engorged and unengorged, in all three beds that were used. They were crawling on the pillows, so we pulled back the fitted sheets and found them on the mattress and mattress pad as w

ell. When we called the front desk to report the infestation they immediately moved us into a new room without any questions or comments. They also supplied us with trash bags for our clothing, and did not seem at all surprised about the bed bugs. Their lack of surprise and disbelief leads me to believe that they are very aware that their hotel has a bed bug problem. Unfortunately, we didn't discover this until the morning we were checking out. We had about a five hour drive ahead of us with two small children in the car and everything we owned in plastic bags so we had to stop and buy basic supplies (diapers, replacement blankets and extra clothing). We finally got on the road, $250 later.

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We have been thoroughly inspected and have not found any traces of Bed Bugs. We also have not had any complaints of Bed Bugs at our property. Perhaps this was a mistake? We have contacted the guest who stayed on July 6th and 7th in Room 316 and they did not have any issues with Bed Bugs. They are also a frequent guest who has continued to stay with us. We ask that you remove our name from this registry and are willing to provided any documentation needed to ensure we are Bed Bug Free.



Management, Country Inn & Suites, Prairie du Chien, WI

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I stayed in room 316 on July 6th and 7th. I slept on the bed closest to the bathroom and was bitten by bed bugs.

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