La Quinta Inn Milwaukee Airport/Oak Creek
7141 S 13th St
Oak Creek, WI 53154-1814

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I was in Milwaukee on May 26th and stayed at this hotel. I checked one of the two beds in the room, the one I planned to sleep in, but not the other bed and it was clear. Then I decided to take a pillow off the other bed so that I would have three pillows. I was there early so I decided to lay down for 1/2 hour before my dinner meeting. After 20 minutes, the phone rang and I sat up and turned on the light. As I sat there and talked to my husband on the phone, a reddish black speck of a bug

walked across the pillow. There he was, a bedbug. I was shocked at how tiny he was and that he was alone. I took him in a tissue into the bathroom and squashed him, bright red blood like a mosquito. I had not been bitten yet fortunately, glad my husband had called me at that time. I then tore up both beds looking for more and never did see any more. I know they do not live alone! The manager moved me and said I was the first to ever report bedbugs there. I did not sleep very well that night. Luckily, I had kept suitcase on rack and had not unpacked anything except my computer.

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