Howard Johnson Madison
3841 E Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53704-3648

Found 3 reports:

There are bedbugs in room 270! I examined the mattress and box spring and saw very small brown bugs, there was debris on the mattresses and I had bites that developed one day after my stay that were in-line with bed bug bites. I would have left the room upon examination, but it was midnight, Madison was booked out everywhere (which was why I was staying at this hotel in the first place), and I had no where else to go. I kept my things in the bathtub, hardly slept and got out as soon as I cou

ld in the morning. Beware!

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August 8-10, 2013. Getting ready to check out, found bed bugs in the sheets. Both my friend and I are covered in bites. Hotel advised no manager on duty Saturday or Sunday, but "someone will call you Monday". No call from hotel to resolve this issue. Finally called their toll free number to lodge a complaint. How do they run a hotel that size with no on-site manager for the entire weekend?

On Jan 8 2010, I woke up in the morn by bugs crawling on my face and chest. I turned on the lights and discovered Over a dozen bugs in the bed

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