Oxford Suites Yakima
1701 E Yakima Ave
Yakima, WA 98901

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Stayed at Oxford suites from May 27-29th 2015 in room 328. The bed bugs bit me on all exposed body parts and back. I had to debug my stuff when came back home. I do not recommend anyone staying here.

While staying in Yakima on 9/16/2014 through 9/19/2014, I stayed at the Oxford Suites in Yakima, WA. I checked my room for bedbugs and didn't see any signs. I stayed in room 226. However, in the morning I saw a bedbug moving across the sheets of my bed. I caught it. When I pulled back the other sheets, I found another bedbug. I caught it to and drowned both of them in a glass of soapy water. I notified the front desk. They then had me relocate to another room (#131). However, on the mor

ning of 9/19/2014, I woke to find another bedbug on the sheets of my bed. I caught it and drowned it in the same glass that the other two were still in. I kept the glass of bedbugs as proof. I also took pictures of the rooms, bed, and bedbugs. This time I spoke directly with the morning manager of the Oxford Suites. She insisted they have never had a problem with bedbugs, but I feel she was in denial. I did file a complaint with the WA Health Department to look into this situation. The bad thing about the whole situation was that Oxford Suites went ahead and rented my first room out to another guest. They said they had sprayed the room just in case there were bedbugs in it. Did they inform that guest that there had been a bedbug event that morning in it? No, because I saw the guest exiting that room and informed him of my encounter. When I got home, I had to DE dust all my luggage and fabric cases just in case the bedbugs hitched a ride. All items are still sealed in garbage bags for 3 weeks. This is so any bedbugs will be dusted once they hatch. I also had to heat treat all my clothes in the dryer, then heat wash them in the washer, then reheat them in the dryer just to be safe. You use the hotest settings. What a hassle. I feel sorry for the other guests who were never informed, because they probably and unknowningly transported bedbugs with them when they left.

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