Comfort Suites Yakima
3702 Fruitvale Blvd
Yakima, WA

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I stayed at the comfort inn for 3 days in March 2014. I was in a handicap room for some reason. Everything was fine until about 2 weeks later I broke out in bites on my chest, upper torso, face, head, under my arms and neck. I unfortunately was at another hotel, when I woke up one morning there were a few bits, the next morning 8-10 more. I called the front desk at a different hotel, they had pest control come out and nothing was found. They said it can take up to 2 weeks for the bites to sh

ow up, I stayed here at the comfort inn 2 weeks prior. Yuck..

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Stayed at the Sun Country Motel. @ 1700 N. 1st St. Yakima , WA on 3-14-13. By 3-16-13 began breaking out with bites on back, left arm, right shoulder, right leg. Have had major alergic reation and now wondering if they were transferred to my home and taking every hands on remedy to eliminate my home, as I am still not healed from this horrific experience. Have no contaced the Hotel, but makes me never want to stay in another Hotel/Motel again, which is unavoidable due to my job. I have been trav

eling for the last 30+ years and neverexperienced anything so painfull and stressfull, not to mention the embaressment andhaving to wear long sleaves to hide the bites. If I were to see someone with what my body looks like right now, I would assume they were doing meth. Not a pretty situation.

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The comment about bed bug is very much not true. We do not take these thing lightly we do follow up on reports.There was nothing found in this or any other room.This was reported wrongly not sure what the gain is for this person.Say he has reservation this weekend again if this were true why would you stay again?

Stayed here on 5/10/12 and came away with obvious bed bug bites in four different places on my body (all in a line). Reported to management the following day when I returned home. They promised a return call which was never made. I called back and was told they had someone check it out upon my first call and none were reported - and they have had someone else staying in the room with no complaints.

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