Super 8 Wenatchee WA
1401 N Miller St
Wenatchee, WA 98801-1566

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Boyfriend and I stayed here on Saturday (8/14). We checked in very late, so didn't take the time to thoroughly inspect. Woke up the next morning with bites all over his back and a few on my arm/hands. Definitely still working through issues with the hotel, but don't stay here unless it's a last resort as it seems like this is an ongoing issue here.

We checked in and went to bed I woke up an hour later and found the beds crawling with bugs . I woke my husband and he went to the manager. They claimed they never had them before and we immediately left.

We stayed here from March 12-15, 2015. We thought the room was clean as we didn't see any bugs (and weren't looking for them either). However, by the day of check out my husband's back was itching. The next day we noticed red bumps. My husband had over a dozen bites evident on his back. I too had just a couple. We cleaned everything upon our arrival back home. So if you elect to stay there, please check for bugs - bedbugs and others bugs.

We stayed there 9/10/2014, the Comfort Inn was full so thought it would be okay. And yes I. The morning found bed bugs, got a refund but now feel dirty and gross! Now that I researched I see that this has been a reoccurring problem for years. Our room was 308

We unfortunately stayed at Super 8 Wenatchee hotel checked in July 18, 2013 for our anniversary in RM 309. My husband was eaten alive during our stay and it has continued since we got home on Sunday, July 21st.

Because of this we now have to treat our home. GROSS!

We did not want to post a review on line however, they seem to have a real problem. We know how a review of bedbugs could ruin a hotel but when they won't return your emails or phone call what else can you do?

All we want is

a refund of our stay, and we don't want anyone else to stay at this bug infested hotel.

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We stayed at this filthy motel for one night (9.10.2011)but the bed bug scars will last forever :-(

we were sentenced to room 267, thought it was filthy but forgot to check for bed bugs! Nine days later the bites and itching appeared on my face, arms and neck as well as other family members.

First I called the motel, was lied to when they said, "This is the first complaint", and told me the "Manager, Victor" would call me back.

THREE weeks later, no call back after I left several messag

es! Finally Hotwire got involved and refunded my money right away.

This motel KNOWS they have a bed bug problem and even worse is too cheap to fix it!

Stay away from this motel and its bad management.

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We also stayed in room 312 at this hotel. This exact night my mom looked at the bed and crushed a little orangish bug. She denied that it was bed bugs until i researched what they looked liked and the bed bug registry and read the story of the people who stayed there THE NIGHT BEFORE!! Thank you so much, after being refunded by the clerk, we headed toward the holiday inn and bug free. Ew.

We stayed in Room 312 on Aug. 26, 2011. Luckily my husband and I decided to stay up a bit to read while my two kids slept. About a half hour into reading, I noticed a red beetle like bug on the cover and went to kill it then realized what it was. We quickly discovered 5 more near pillows and elsewhere on the bed - some were smaller than the initial one I spotted. We told the front desk and were reimbursed our money, we then left the hotel. They claimed to not have had any complaints of bedbugs b


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We stayed in this hotel 10/1/10, room 226. We were in bed for about an hour when we started feeling bites. We pulled down the top sheet and discovered a small brownish black bug. We smashed it and noticed a small stain of blood. The bug looked similar to photos of bed bugs on the internet. On closer inspection of the sheets, there was also what looked to be a cream colored pupa. We suspected bed bugs right away and packed out things immediately to leave. We informed the desk and no compen

sation was offered, only that a note would be left for the manager who would return the next day. We called the manager the next day and were told she was unavailable and to leave a voicemail, which we did. So far we have received no response.

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