La Quinta Inn & Suites
1500 Ne 134th St
Vancouver, WA 98685-2712

Found 2 reports:

I booked a room on June 5th, I did not notice anything until the next day I had bites all over my arm. Hopefully I did not take any home with me, I contacted them and have not received a call back yet.

I booked the La Quinta in Vancouver, WA through for October 8-11. The room looked clean when we arrived, though I thought I noticed something when I went to sleep but I was too tired to give it any further thought. The following morning my worst fears were confirmed, we noticed small bugs on the matrass. We reported it at the front desk that immediately moved us to another room and helped us with suggestions to prevent us from taking the critters back home with us. They were very

apologetic about the situation, but could not give us an immediate refund because we had booked our stay through The second room appeared to be bug free.
Since then we sent several email to LaQuita and, but received no more response, nor any kind of refund.

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