Travelodge Seattle SEA TAC Airport
14845 Tukwila International Blvd
Tukwila, WA 98168-4328

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We stayed in room 115 on November 1, 2014. We always remove the bed spreads from the bed because they are not frequently washed in motels We woke up with bites not knowing the cause. While packing to leave in the AM, we found two bed bugs on top of the sheets. I notified the corporate office for Travelodge and filed the complaint first thing Monday Morning on November 3. As of November 6, I have heard mo response from Travelodge.

June 2011, room 201, at least 10 painful bites during the first half of the night, one discovered and killed insect. Seeking a way to submit an official report.

A friend and I checked into Room 506 on 8/18/2010. I had the bed nearest the bathroom. I set my suitcase on the bed to repack in the morning. Then on Wed. night this week, I pulled one of my t-shirts out of the suitcase (still not unpacked fully) and wore it to sleep in. I woke up in the morning with bites all up and down my arms. This was the last hotel I slept in on my trip, and I've checked this registry for the other 2 hotels we stayed at, and none of them show previous issues. I've never ha

d bed bug issues anywhere before, so while I'm not 100% positive this is the location I picked them up, given the previous reports in rooms 505 and 507 I would suspect that the hotel is still having issues and would certainly advise against any of those rooms.

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I stayed at Room 505, and I had the bed closest to the window, for 5 days and was bitten all over my arms. I thought that I had been bitten by the flies when I visited Ocean Shores Beach.

Two weeks later, I went back to stay for one night and I got the same room 505 and I took the same bed, closest to the window, and this time, my pajamas exposed my waist and in the morning I had been bitten on 3 spots on my waist.

That confirmed that bedbugs as my pajamas on my first trip was sleeveless.

All above events are in August of 2009.

vkchan - Wyndham Rewards Traveller.

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Found bedbug droppings on the boxspring, found a bedbug in the morning with blood in it. The room number was 507 and we stayed there yesterday 9/23/2007.

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