Days Inn South
13050 48th Ave S
Tukwila, WA 98168

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My sister and I booked 3 nights, check in 05AUG2011-08AUG2011. We arrived around 10PM. The first room they put us in was unacceptable due to guests smoking right outside our door so we were moved to RM 126. (I'm sorry I don't know the first room number). When we awoke the next morning we spotted the first one crawling on the sheet between us. On further inspection, we found, and captured 3 more in various stages of development. When confronted, the front desk clerk was asked to sign a paper

confirming that what we had found were bedbugs. Had I known about this registry, we would have never booked there to begin with. I have filed complaints with the corporate office (206-241-2200) and also with Hotwire who I booked through. I suggest anyone with the same experience do the same.
G Gates
Conroe, TX

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I was the other occupant of room 213 for this report, and can back up the claim as a witness of the bed bug on the pillow.

I sincerely hope that the necessary precautions I have taken will prevent me from having to report my apartment building in the future...

I stayed here (Days Inn South, Tukwila) for 1 night on Sept 20, 08. My cousin and I were originally given room 214 & my aunt & uncle were given room 213. When we got to our room (214) it was all ripped apart with the headboards down on top of the beds and all the sheets crumpled up in piles on top of the beds.

We requested a new room and my aunt & uncle gave us their room and opted to go to the new room on the first floor. We hung out from about 10pm in room 213 chatting while sitting on the

beds. At about 3am we were finally tired and ready for bed. As I was fluffing my pillow, I noticed a small, round, reddish-brown bug on the pillow. It crawled quickly back under the pillow and we could not locate it again. I saw this story on the news and knew what it was immediately.

It's funny because I had jokingly said earlier that I hoped the other room was not taken apart because of bed bugs. So we made sure to check our room thouroughly (and found no traces, just brand new beds with the plastic still on them).

Anyways, I called front desk & told them what we saw. They first tried to tell me that the bug must have blown in the door when the maids were cleaning. Once he realized that I was not accepting that as an acceptable answer, he admitted that room 215 had an infestation in January 08, but told me that they had fumigated since and they no longer had a problem there.

He then told me that there were no other rooms he could move us into. That's when I hung up and started to consider sleeping in the car and I was about to cry when the front desk called us back and told us they had another room available, but it was a smoking room.

We didn't care about that - it was better than staying in there. We ended up in a completely different building (rm 180) with old, yellowing stains on the aged mattress, but absolutely no signs of bugs (please note we ripped these beds apart and scanned like we have never scanned before!!).

I have to say, I have to give them credit for at least being honest enough to admit they had a problem and relocating us almost immediately. It made dealing with the whole situation much better.

Needless to say, we went home and tossed our bags out, washed all our clothes immediately, and threw everything else into a sink full of hot water. I hope that the 4 hours I spent in that room do not come back to haunt me!!

It was the most sleepless night of my life. Sorry Days Inn, I had to post about it, better to know than to be in the dark when it comes to these matters. No hard feelings.

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