Rodeway Inn Stevenson
40 Ne 2nd St
Stevenson, WA 98648-4215

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Rodeway Inn, part of Clarion Hotels, Stevenson, WA: Checkin Monday 16th, Checkout Wed 18th Sept 2013.

The first morning Tues 17th I had one bite on my left arm and thought it was a mosquito bite, the next morning (wed 18th) was another story.

For me it was and IS horrible. I have well over 100 bites from head to ankle with 58 alone on my left arm. They have blistered terribly and hurt between the fingers.

According to my Dr where I went Friday, I may be allergic to bed bugs. Nothing i

s helping with the itch and pain and they continue to pop up now 3 1/2 days later.

The Manager was very apologetic and upset agreeing to close the room and remove the bed outside immediately as well as call their pest contractor who he said is responsible to check these things.

I brought the neighbor who confirmed they were indeed bed bugs before notifying the Manager, took her contact information and the Manager took several bugs to show to the pest company (not calling any names here).

We have spent significant funds to date on a new outfit(sale rack at Target)to get me home in, supplies to clean the car, the suitcase, my business cloths including dry cleaning my suits and other associated sundries.

It has taken so much time, if I could I would just throw everything away! From now on I am only packing what I can throw away and keeping my good suits in the car. Silly me laid everything out on the bed when I got there and in the morning while getting dressed...

My tax papers and work documents which were in the suitcase are now a mess as the store we bought the bed bug spray from said to spray the heck out of everything, how frustrating and now everything is covered in poison!

It's fortunate I cannot post a photo, enough said,
I just wish they would go away!!!

In future pick up a couple of bed bug traps and no matter the starts or review of the hotel, put them between the mattress before you bring anything into the room, go to dinner and check them when you get back. It may take a little time but it may save you a lot of cost and grief!

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