The Madison Inn by Riverstone
15 W Rockwood Blvd
Spokane, WA 99204-2311

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The complaint of June 20, 2013 is erroneous in many respects.

1. Most of the guests who stay at The Madison Inn are medically-related, including patients, family, nurses, doctors, and hospital consultants. We are also open to the general public and mainstream travelers who enjoy our quiet location, outstanding service, and value-oriented rates. Our number one guest comment is cleanliness, and we are very, very serious about any complaints regarding the possibility of bedbugs. Personnel a

t The Madison Inn are trained in what to look for and know to call for professional help at any hint of a problem in this regard.

2. The guest raised the issue of bed bugs with the Inn’s General Manager, who went into action immediately. He personally inspected the room, as did our Maintenance Supervisor and Head Housekeeper. The Madison Inn also hired an independent pest control firm to inspect and – if necessary -- treat any insects. All inspections were negative and the hotel received written documentation from the professional inspector, which we will share upon request. There have been no complaints filed on The Madison Inn with the Washington State Department of Health.

3. In the days since this guest checked out, the housekeeping and maintenance staff continue to monitor the situation in this guest’s room, but have found no signs of insect activity at all.

4. I spoke with this guest on a total of four occasions, always treating her concern with the respect it deserves. From nearly 30 years in the hotel business, Riversage has found that rashes and welts can be mistakenly identified as bed bug bites, even by medical professionals.

5. Our guests’ satisfaction is incredibly important to us, as is our reputation. We take any complaint seriously and do whatever we can to resolve it.

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Room 415

BTW, I am an RN, if that gives additional support to my report; I also got medical confirmation, from Sacred Heart Hospital across the street from the Inn (Providence Healthcare System) who CONFIRMED the bites were those of bedbugs; indeed this was no surprise as, after seeing the 8-10 (yes 8-10!) welts on my legs, knowing they would be darker brown & larger as they had recently "fed", I looked myself and DID see a liitle group of them myself! Disgusting!

Hotel didn't want to hear

about it or do anything; on 6/20 I filed a formal report with the State board of Health & stopped payment with my Corporate Amex; Do NOT take a chance and stay here!

Unfortunately, steam cleaning my clothes & personal effects were left to me...and it was INSANEY expensive!

Of interest? Due to the number of rooms the Inn has, they are not "licensed" by the Board of Health; they don't have to be; I confirmed this with the State Board! What does this mean? It means they don't get inspected....AT ALL!!!...unless a complaint is filed!

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Received permission from GM to share
results of inspection.

Preformed a K-9 inspection and well as
a visual inspection of room 403. Visual inspection
included removing headboard, dresser etc.

K-9 didn't have alerts. Couldn't find
evidence of past or present signs of
bed bugs through a visual inspection.

I would absolutely have no issues staying
in this room with my family.

Bed Bug Scouts, LLC.

June 2011
Bedbugs in Rm 403 (stain on box spring, felt bugs and bites at night)

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