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110 E 4th Ave
Spokane, WA 99999
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Management response:

Dear readers, we appreciate the opportunity to address this concern. We here at the Quality Inn are proud of our clean, well-maintained and friendly hotel. In fact we look at postings such as this as eye opening and educational.

Although this particular posting is a bit odd with it being both anonymous and the fact that the guest did not bring it to our attention while here on site, or even call afterwards. (One may wonder why this anonymous guest made no effort t

o contact myself or
another staff member to report their concern. Never the less, I personally take full responsibility for the hotel and have started my investigation.

Hi, My name is Steven Tramp General Manager of the Quality Inn Downtown Fourth ave. in Spokane Washington. I want all readers to know how serious we are about these types of allegations. A clean well maintained property is our priority. The following outline is routine in our daily, monthly and quarterly activities.

* Each room is cleaned and sanitized daily by a certified housekeeper.
* Each guest room is inspected by the next level, a certified inspector.
** Both the certified housekeeper and inspector sign their names to a document that is then left on the foot of the bed, indicating that they have done their personal best in inspecting, cleaning and sanitizing your guest room.

* Our hotel has several preventative maintenance programs in place, one of which is pest control. This pest control company is scheduled to visit the property once a month. Their services include overall inspection, sprays of the property with a pest control product that services ants, spiders, bed bugs, beetles, as well as many other pests. Once the visit is completed the service agent gives me a detailed report, of which the hotel retains.

* The hotel has monthly staff meetings where each and every single staff member is required to attend. These meetings keep all staff members informed, trained and involved in many subjects including pest control.

Ongoing never ending
* In addition to everything else, we have a well-established Deep Cleaning Program in place. This is a person dedicated strictly to deep cleaning only. This individual removes each and every item from the guest room, cleans and sanitizes the walls top to bottom, shampoo and sanitizes the curtains and carpets, removes all vents and filters and cleans them inside and out. Then brings the furniture back into the room one piece at a time, each piece is inspected, cleaned and sanitized entirely. This process takes about 10 hours per room, and it is never ending. We start on floor one, go to floor 2, then to floor 3, ECT. Ect. Once completed, we start over again.

It has been my common practice for over 20 years in the business to call each guest 10 to 15 minutes after arriving, with a welcoming call, to see if the guest is satisfied with the room and to see if we can be of any other service.

Again my name is Steven Tramp I am not anonymous, and I would be honored to talk to anyone of concern in person regarding this subject or any other. My personal cell # is 509-679-2292

At your service
Steven Tramp CHA, CTA
General manager

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We stayed at this hotel April 9th-10th, 2011, Usually we stay with family, but because someone was too ill to have company, we chose the Quality Inn, as it was rated well and was economical.
The second morning there after showering, I noticed I was bleeding on upper leg, much to my surprise...definitely some kind of bug bite, and not a flea or spider bite.
I did a closer examination of bite and discovered I had 2 bites...it was unsettling. We didn't go to the management because of time, lon

g drive home, and stress of our very sick family member during our stay in Spokane.
When we got home, the first thing we did was was isolate luggage and clothing we had in the hotel room and take what we could to dry-cleaners, or wash and dry very hot temps. We made every effort to make sure we were not bringing home a new insect "guest".
I do not know positively this was bed-bugs, but to avoid the amount of cleaning, worry, and bites again, I would not book at this hotel in the future.
When we first checked in we thought it was a little odd that the staff called immediately to see if everything was okay. We sensed maybe we had better check for critters (bedbugs) as a result, and to be honest, I didn't give it another thought until the day we left and I ended up with the bites.
The room seemed very clean, but I couldn't bring myself to take a chance with a room at this hotel again.

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Management Response:

I want to start by thanking everyone for their reviews! We appreciate and welcome the feedback, be it good or constructive – it always helps us grow.

In response to anonymous’ review, we felt this deserved a response. I have tried without results to get ahold of the owner of this website to post a response. So I will just make a normal posting.

We at the Quality Inn Downtown – 4th Avenue pride ourselves on our clean comfortable rooms. We really do go the extr

a mile when it comes to your comfort. Let me give you a quick overview of a few of our programs:

Personal Best Program, Room Inspection Program, Deep Clean Program. These programs all work hand in hand, delivering you the most comfortable room possible. Every room attendant is certified through our personal best program. Every room in inspected every day through our room inspection program. Every room is deep cleaned through this program. We spend 10+ hours deep cleaning each room, and do not move on until they are completely finished.

With all of this in mind, we want to assure all of our guests that we take all pest claims very seriously. We know it is very hard to know for sure what bug has bitten you. It may have been a mosquito at the park, or even an allergic reaction to something touched while around town. Nevertheless, whenever a claim such as this is brought to our attention we get on it immediately. No matter how small or inadequate the claim may be, we jump into action. When this guest brought the concern to our attention, as a precautionary measure, we retained the services of a professional pest control agency for additional advice. We also have our staff trained in identifying many of our areas nuisance pests, including ants, bed bugs, spiders, fruit flies and many more.

With the market and economy on the up-rise again, we are seeing a lot of international travel back in the system. Pests of all types have been surfacing in all areas. While no hotel is safe from these unfortunate hitchhikers, rest assured, we are on the lookout for your safety and comfort.

At your service,

Travis Tramp, CHA, CTA
General Manager
Quality Inn Spokane, WA

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Stayed for 3 nights Sept/2010 On the second day, I felt a nasty bump on my back, frankly thought it was a zit. When packing on the last morning I saw blood dots on the sheets and a dead bed bug specimen.

The general manager, Travis, didn't even apologize I told me I was getting a great deal by them charging me for 2 out of 3 nights.

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