Oxford Suites
115 W North River Dr
Spokane, WA 99201-2253

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July 28 - Woke up with a few bites after night one, more than a dozen after night two. I looked under the sheets and mattress cover and found telltale black spots dotted with blood and blood smears on the sheets. I told the desk clerk that I suspected bed bugs; she immediately summoned the manager who very graciously asked to inspect my room. He did so, with a maintenance manager and indeed found bedbugs in the dust ruffle. He very apologetically offered to move us to another room (319) after in

specting all of our things, and washing those most exposed, and offered to comp the two nights.We settled into the new room and then two mornings later I woke up with more than 20 new bites. I stripped the bed and didn't find the black dots but did find what I thought were eggs and a couple of dead nymphs. I informed the desk clerk, and went through the inspection again - this time we packed up and left. Manager comped us the whole trip, and even called me later to apologize and say they didn't find anything in the new room, and advised me to take precautions upon arriving home. I did see what might have been a dead nymph and a small live nymph among my sons things - 10 loads of laundry later (it was a major trip for us), I hope I have eradicated them.

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