Howard Johnson
211 S Division St
Spokane, WA

Found 2 reports:

Checked into Howard Johnson at about 10pm but didn't bring in luggage because I always inspect first (but up to this point never saw any bedbugs). My teenager was making fun of me right as I found bugs, blood, and eggs under the top mattress. The bugs were similar in shape to a watermelon seed, the eggs looked like poppy seeds. We scurried out of there and drove all night to get home.

I tried to post a review and photos on TripAdvisor but they won't post it.

Discovery of bed bugs got us out of bed early on the 4th of July, 2013. Found blood on sheet, collected 10 bed bugs in a cup (have photographic proof) and found 2 bed bugs smashed on the wall probably by previous guests. Presented bugs to the front desk staff person who exclaimed in wonderment that she had never seen bed bugs before. Cancelled second night stay and checked out. The staff person said the manager would call us and would likely give us a discount on the room or comp the entire

fee. It has been five days now with no phone call.

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