Comfort Inn North
7111 N Division St
Spokane, WA 99208

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May 28 (29), 2015
My son woke up at 0100 to find bugs in his bed. Upon inspection, we found numerous bed bugs between the two beds. Notified the front desk and they moved us to another room.

Arrived in Spokane Nov 8 Departed Nov 12
We stayed in rm 205. After 2 nights my wife saw about 10 bites on my left shoulder. we then checked her and found several under her arm on her side. We checked under the mattress and found signs of bedbugs. We told the staff immediately and they moved us to another room.

In the morning the meeting with the manager turned into a confrontation as he is in complete denial that this has occurred wouldn't look at the room with us, wouldn't look at the p

ics we took of the bedbug residue in the room or our bites. People like him are the reason infestations escalate.

2 years previous to this in the summer time was the first time we ever had complained of bug bites. They were all over out ankles and feet. Same hotel in Spokane. Different floor.
Comfort Inn North.

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