Red Lion Silverdale
3073 Nw Bucklin Hill Rd
Silverdale, WA 98383

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Room 302 bugs everywhere. Under mattresses, under sheets. We told the female manager but she just rolled her eyes like a dumbass. Said we could move rooms. When we told her we wanted a refund and to go to another hotel she refused. Ruse managers close hotels after than bedbugs.
Janitors did come to the room, vacuum, sweep and change of sheets, screw that we left.

This is a Beat Westwrnas the previous posters have noted, and one to AVOID AT ALL COSTS. THERE IS NO REDEMING FEATURE. Except ru

de managers and bloody sheets.

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Best Western better get an attorney and some real managers. We stayed here in February and left mottled foot to hip with red bleeding itchy wounds. Jenny, the general manager tried to tell my husband the sheets and blankets were clean and the mattress new that is useless with wicker headboards. Assistant manager too busy with the young girls in the bar to be bothered.
That place took a dive and is now a DUMP!

I won't stay there agin. They owe me two suitcases of clothes. And money for our

pain and suffering for six weeks. God! Maybe they are in my house now.

Phyllis G.

Dayton, OH

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This is a BEST WESTERN not a Red Lion.

Red lion would be more appropriate given the size of the bedbugs!! Jee whiz you could hit them with a baseball bat.

Useless manager and useless general manager
What a terrible experience being bitten so many times. If you come BRING RAID!!!!!!!!!!

Kelso and me stayed for three days in February. Could not sleep. Found bugs crawling in my sheets and told Jeanie the manager. She claimed all the rooms were vacuumed daily and new mattresses were bought for a lot of money last year. Room 227

We slept in the car the rest of the night and took a bunch of bugs home with us. My husband was covered in bloody red bights that took two months to heal. There are bugs in my house.

Our lawyer said to sue for the medical treatments and pain from the

fever and bites. Sounds like a great idea.

That POS new general manager needs to be FIRED!

That POS motel needs to be SHUT DOWN!!!

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I stayed here in January 2014 after the hotel changed to bst western. My first nite there my arms were covered in bloody blisters.
I told the manager and was assured the mattresses we new and I must have got the bites from another hotel!!! No way. This I was the only hotel I stayed in in over a month.

They changed the mattresses because they were a decade old and blood stained, but they have not changed the wicker headboards, which upon close inspection show dormant bed bugs!!!

I asked

to change rooms but found they all had 1960s wicker headboards. Now I have a big bill from my doctor for antibiotics and topical medicine.

Terrible place, terrible young manager, terrible attitude.



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January 12th & 13th, 2011. The day after my first night here I noticed 4 small bites on my right arm and assumed it was from a spider or mosquito. By the second night I was covered in bites (bedbug bites can take several days to appear on the skin) and actually saw them on my pajamas and sheets! When I called the front desk they were not surprised and knew exactly what to do which leads me to believe this was not the first report. They comped one night stay and sent all my clothing out for s

pecial cleaning. However, did nothing about my suitcase which I had them throw away in their dumpster. This was a business trip and my suitcase is still in my car and I don't know if I'm willing to bring it in the house even though it's new and the clothes have all been laundered.

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