Westin Seattle
1900 5th Ave
Seattle, WA

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Returned to the Westin March 17th 2015 for a one night stay. Our last stay as this site for us was 2006. Historically The Seattle Westin was great for us without incident. As for our taste, We usually stay in 4 or 5 star establishments when we travel, as I am very sensitive to dust mites and require a high level of cleanliness for peaceful rest. Anyways.... Booked a premium room with a King on 23rd floor Seattle 5th Ave Westin. The room itself was disappointing as it was in a very worn state a

nd in need of refurbishment. That was tolerable, as the bed was comfortable. However, that night, My husband woke to annoying itches. He sleeps in the nude. Myself I sleep in my robe so I was not affected. The next morning he displayed several clusters of red bites on the inside of his arm and side of his chest. We departed with an early schedule and did not say anything and simply wanted on our way. I doubt they would have offered anything of worth to us anyway. This Hotel has declined terribly! A $400 bill for a night with bed bugs!? No~ This is simply not acceptable as you cannot tell me they do not know of their problem. Any good management does, so that speaks volumes. I find this very dishonest. We simply will not return again to the Seattle 5th Ave Westin. My advice, Try The W or Hotel 1000. These have both offered superior results in our stays. cleanly and comfortable. Don't expose yourself and your health to dirty little biting bugs for goodness sakes!

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Stayed 5 nights and every morning noticed new bites. Last night cought two in my bed. Management took care about me and gave me a new room right away.

Stayed here 5 nights the week of Oct 18, 2010 and unfortunately did not realize there was a problem until the 3rd night in the room (after I started noticing bites). Came away with over 200 bites! Management was great in taking care of the problem--confirmed bed bugs, had all of our things cleaned, comped our stay. But it was a HORRIBLE experience! It's a VERY nice hotel; in fact, Obama stayed there the same time we were there. Goes to show, bed bugs can be anywhere! :-(

we stayed at the Westin Seattle on the 6th floor in a discounted room ($79) on March 19th. We now have bites all over us and are also afraid we have taken them home with us as our bites continue to show up since returning home (though we hope the bites are just taking the usual 9 days to show up). If you stay at the Westin or any hotel for that matter check with the hotel staff and do an inspection before you sleep! Also, wash clothing immediately upon returning!!!
Wish we never slept there : (

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Stayed here for 7 nights February 2011 and receivered numerous bites. This was our first encounter with bedbugs and we are scared that we may have took some home with us (even though we took many precautions)

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