W Seattle
1112 4th Ave
Seattle, WA

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Stayed September 12 thru 15 and was bit from head to toe. A week and and a half later still itching and burning. I am now freaked out that I brought them back home. I need to contact hotel directly.

Stayed one night at this hotel on 8/21. Room 511. Woke up with 6 bites on legs and face. They are terrible, itch and burn, large red welts. Friend recently had similar experience with bites. She told me to put all my clothes in dryer right away to cook them and their eggs. Suitcase out in direct sunlight. They jump in your clothes/suitcase and can infest your home.

I live at 823 Madison. The Madison Apt. At one time we had a very bad bed bug problem. The management of the building did jump to action. We have had dogs in are apartments chimerical's sprayed and although some still have the problem it is not nearly as bad. I personally have not seen a bed bug in my apartment in well over a year. I keep my apartment clean and picked up and do my wash and sheets often. I keep a spray bottle of 91% rubbing alcohol around and spray my base boards (this kills

them) although the pest control is a intrusion in our lives that the pest control people are in and out of our apartment a number of times in a year. the out come is good and better. when you have to prep your apartment I know it is a pain in the ass but do it.its worth it. Good Job Madison Apartments management!

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I stayed at this hotel the third week of May and left there after staying two nights. On the drive home, I realized that I had been bitten by something. After getting home and a closer inspection, I had bites all over my chest, stomach and a few on my back.I went to my doctor and she told me that I got bitten by the bed bugs. I contacted the hotel multiple times and Never got a call back.


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