Travelodge Seattle Weste Sw Ala
3512 Sw Alaska St
Seattle, WA 98126-2731

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A group of friends...about twenty of us...stayed in this newly renovated hotel, and not one of us had a single problem. The new management was extremely attentive, and the hotel was very clean, with no sign of any problem of any sort. We all agreed we would be back again.

entire motel room was dirty, bedbugs along the shower curtain, the bed crevices, the inside of the bedspread. there also were rodents in the room. dryed blood on the walls. bedbugs near the wall sockets. the owner admits that she's crazy and everyone there is crazy as well, maybe to get off the hook. It is no longer a travelodge. it's now called The West Seattle Inn and Suites, if you want to be a part of the misguided, meth zombies, staggering drunks and drug induced insanity, insect invasio

n on you and your belongings then stay here, the website is WAY misleading. sept 23.

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