The Westin Seattle
1900 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101-1204

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I stayed at the Westin Seattle for a conference on June 10-13.

I stayed the night Monday and had no issues. The pillows were thin so I had them bring in a few extras. I went to the conference and went to dinner. When i returned saw one bed bug and initially thought it was just the one bug that came in with the extra pillows I requested Tuesday morning. I then switched rooms but was put into a room with someone already occupying it. It was absolutely MORTIFYING. Once the room situation was dea

lt with I gave them all of my belongings to "hot box" and got them back the next morning. The inspector came in the next day but I did not hear back from them again until 9pm the next night. I was given 3 days worth of point son my Marriott account and thought it was the end of the situation because I only saw the one bug and had no bites, but I was never made aware of the severity of the situation, and that I could still possibly end up with bites up to 14 days later. I was under the impression that this was an isolated situation and I was not properly informed of the possible and probable consequences.

I woke up one week later with over 80 bed bug bites all over my body. I was extremely uncomfortable and have doctor bills I now have to pay because of the reaction my body is having to the bites. I had to miss work to go to the doctor for the uncomfortableness The pain and embarrassment I have had to endure due to your hotel’s negligence has been excruciating.

After getting back in contact with the hotel, I was given one free night at the Westin Seattle (like I will EVER stay there again) and was put in touch with their insurance team. It's been 3 weeks and I have yet to hear back from the insurance team.

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Stayed 1 night in May 2014 and I was severely bitten on my legs by bedbugs. Very disappointed and disgusted!!!

Stayed here in June of 2012. Found a bedbug on the chair by the window, was too disgusted to actually stay the night or even speak to management about it.

Stayed in Seattle Westin 3 nights from 8/12/2011 to 8/15/2011. Each morning I woke up with an increasing number of bites on my legs and arms. My wife had a white bug fall out of her hair into the sink as she was brushing her hair. I will be making a complaint to management today and filing a police report in case we need to take further action.

I stayed at the west in Seattle and was bitten during my stay.
Found one in the bed with me, and brought it down to the manager.
The night of my stay was Wednesday, march 30th.
The director of operations sent me a follow-up email offering a free one night stay...seriously.

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