The Roosevelt, A Coast Hotel - Downtown Seattle, W
1531 7th Ave
Seattle, WA

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My husband stayed here in December and again last month. On his second stay, he returned home with two red spots on his neck and one on his chest. We have just spent 2k on heat remediation for our house. I don't want to stay in a hotel again. I'm not sure our problem has been fixed.

We woke up to find a bedbug infestation, so I reported it to the front desk. They moved us to a room a quarter the size of our original room. When I complained in the morning they said to complain to Expedia. I corresponded with the General Manager who said someone would contact us. More than a year later - still waiting. We were travelling for six weeks and it was the only hotel that had bedbugs.

Tonight I checked into The Roosevelt. I in property management and know to look for bed bugs before I bring my belongings into my room. I always check the head board and pull back the sheets at the corners. I look for black spots and run my finger along the the casings. I wish I could post the picture of what I saw. I travel all the time and never found such a huge infestation of bed bugs. Needless to say, I switched hotels and left immediately. Discusting is mildly putting it.

Found bed bugs in our pillow cases. Hotel staff denied it was a bed bug even though I brought the sample to them. Hotel staff is not trained to identify these bugs thus remain ignorant to their own problems.

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