The Edgewater
2411 Alaskan Way Pier 67
Seattle, WA

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My boyfriend and I came to Seattle for my 23rd birthday. It was my first time to the city! We only stayed for one night, and we were so excited about our one night getaway, at a nice, but expensive hotel. Within hours of crossing the border, back to my hometown, I started to get itchy, and everywhere I itched, I discovered clusters of red bumps. I went to multiple doctors, for a few different opinions, and it was official. I had been eaten alive by bed bugs! The worst part was, I didn't realize

until I was home, and hadn't checked my things at the hotel to make sure I wasn't bringing these critters back with me. So disappointed that my trip had to end this way...although it was a lovely room, I will not be returning to this hotel.

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I was staying at this Hotel on Aug 21. 2010. My husband and I awoke to itching and welts. We finally after frustration removed the blankets . We found little black bugs. The hotel clerk was awful and did nothing to switch our rooms. I will NEVER stay there again!

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Unfortunately, these unwanted pests can occur in even the finest establishments and many large cities, such as Seattle, have experienced an increase in incidents recently due to the large number of travelers to the area. Please be advised that we are working closely and diligently with a professional extermination company to check any effected rooms and, if necessary, treat the rooms to ensure that all pests are eliminated. The comfort of our

guests is of utmost concern and we will take all the necessary precautions in this matter.

The Edgewater Hotel Management Team

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We were staying at the Edgewater Hotel for two nights in Room 317, Sunday, August 15 through Tuesday August 17. On the second night of our stay, I woke up in the middle of the night and discovered a bunch of itchy bites on my arms (maybe 8-10). I turned on a light and found a bug on my pillow, which I quickly washed down the sink. At first I hoped it wasn't a bedbug (the housekeepers had left our screenless windows in during the day, and a bunch of flies had come into our room), but when I got t

o a computer I looked at photos and from what I remembered of how the bug looked (I turned on the light to look at it more closely before disposing of it), it did appear to be a bedbug.

I checked the linens and pillows and didn't find any other bugs, but I'm not sure if I got more bites after I went back to bed.

I am really hoping that I didn't bring them home with me!

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