Springhill Suites by Marriott Seattle Downtown
1800 Yale Ave
Seattle, WA 98101-1433

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In response to the Anonymous report of Bed bugs at the SpringHill Suites in Downtown Seattle on May 28, 2014. The hotel took the following actions. The guestroom in question was immediately taken out of service and inspected by the Housekeeping and General Manager of the hotel. No positive indications of Bed Bugs were found to be present. As an alternate precaution the hotel contacted Ecolab the professional pest control management company. Ecolab more thoroughly inspected the guestroom. T

hey indicated in their report that "no bedbug activity noted during the inspection."

Frank Finneran
General Manager
SpringHill Suites Seattle

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My friend and I checked out of the Springhill Suites yesterday, and traveled to the East Coast all day long. It wasn't until last night when I got home that I noticed all of these red bumps all over my arms, some of them being quite painful. My friend contacted me to say she also has red bites all over her. We are taking photos of the bites and sending them to the hotel.

I recently (Aug 2-8, 2011) stayed at this hotel in room 201. I have large mosquito looking welted bites in clusters all over the back of my head, left shoulder, on my arms, fingers, the side of my hand and on my left knee and right above my left ankle. I realized the first set of bites on my shoulder. I woke up scratching and looked in the mirror and saw five nickel sized, red welts. I didn't complain. I didn't even consider it to be bed bugs until I showed my friend and they told me that it was

a rising epidemic in hotels lately. We started researching and looking at bed bug bite pictures online and saw that the pictures of other people's bed bug bites very closely resembled the welts I had and were even in the same places the bites I had. Still, I didn't complain, but at this point I wish that I had. It's very uncomfortable and is an issue that needs to be resolved.

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We stayed one night at the SpringHill Suites Seattle Downtown (Yale Avenue), arrived late (about midnight) so we were really tired and went right to bed. My husband slept in his boxers and I wore PJs. The bottom sheet popped off the bed on his side in the middle of the night. When we woke up the next morning, my husband asked if I had gotten bit in the middle of the night?

We scrambled out of bed and saw there were about 6 or so fresh blood stains on the white sheet on his side of the bed. H

e had some welted bites on his back and sides - sort of like large mosqito bites. I did not get bitten at all.

We threw out our bed clothes and showered. We went downstairs to talk with the Manager. He followed us back up to our room to investigate. He saw the blood stains on the sheet and proceeded to check the edges of the matress and pulled the headboard off the wall to check behind it. He followed that up by saying that "they usually hide behind the headboard". I said, "usually?!" He said he didn't see anything and that we "should be fine". I said if there are no bedbugs, then what bit my husband and left the blood on the sheets? He had no answer.

We were so grossed out that we quickly gathered our things and left the room. Luckily, we were so tired when we arrived that we hadn't unpacked - our suitcase was on the coffe table all night. The Manager was very nice and refunded our stay and comped our parking. He never admitted that there was a bed bug problem. I asked him to be sure and spray the room before renting it to anyone else - he assured me that he would.

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