Sixth Avenue Inn
2000 6th Ave
Seattle, WA

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We were staying in room 407 for two nights and three days. We got there the Friday and left the Sunday afternoon. I noticed on Saturday I had weird bug bites on my arms, two side by side, thought maybe it was a spider bite because it swelled up so big!
Turns out we got back home and I had several on my back, arms and hands. Decided the two to three bites in one area were signature bed bug bites.
We didnt check the room, only realized once back home it may have been bed bugs, but now we are ce

We are just hoping we didnt bring any back with us.

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July 30th, 2009, Sixth Avenue Inn, 2000 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121
Room 308 - I searched the room immediately for Bed Bugs and found a dead one right away between the mattresses. I didn't look any further, just ran out of the room. I reported it to the front desk and asked for another room on another floor on the opposite side of the hotel. That room, (#446) was fine, but there was a Bed Bug feces stain on the sheet. I didn't worry about that because I know they stain so i

t was probably from another room, yet clean. It is a fairly big hotel, so I assume they must have quite an infestation if this sheet I had in the clean room even had evidence of BB's on that sheet. I was not reimbursed anything, however I did not ask either. I did get an apology of course.

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