Red Lion Hotel on Fifth Avenue
1415 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101

Found 4 reports:


Stayed one night at the Red Lion Hotel.

Noticed two small itchy red bites on my arm while walking around Seattle the next morning. Thought they were mosquito bites and thought nothing of it until I asked a local about mosquitos.

The local indicated they don't have mosquitos in Seattle.

I can't prove I have bed bug bites because I had already checked out and couldn't go back and do a more thorough inspection.

But I thought I'd at least post an alert so people to be on

the lookout and inspect their room just in case.

see full report...

50 or 60 bites over the space of two nights. Tore the bed apart but found no bugs. No doubt, however that these are bed bug bites. Reported to desk.

I found some bed bugs on the night! The worst part is I carried them to my home at Raleigh.
I dint expect this to happen in such a well known hotel. :(

Two bites found on leg, awoke in the night and started looking. Found one bedbug about 2 mm long, crawling in the bed. Reported to management. Still in process of dealing with it. We do not yet know what the hotel is going to do to compensate us.

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