Marco Polo Motel
4114 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA

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I can not believe they rented me a room there when they knew they had bedbugs. I had to have surgery and didn't know anything about the city and chosmarco polo over the internet. When we checked in the guy in the office (john) was very nice and all smiles,gave us ideas on where to get something to eat, directions etc. When we woke up the next morning my friend felt something crawling on her and picked it off and squashed it on her pillow. There was a big blood spot and a (now dead)bug. We had so

me extra tape with us so we stuck the bug onto the tape and took it with us to my doctors appt. He definitely said it was a bed bug. I am so upset, how can they continue to rent these rooms and spread this? We stayed there at the motel on Oct. 26th.2011. Just a couple days after someone else who stayed there reported they had found bed bugs in their room. I am so upset, and can't sleep, this is horrible, is there a law against renting rooms that you know have bed bugs.

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We stayed at this motel for 2 nights in a row and we were bitten by bed bugs all night long. We even saw them and saw the poop that they leave, they have them!

I can not confirm that this motel has bed bugs, but I can say that we stayed just a few days ago. We were about to check out when we saw a machine called a "heat stream" outside of room #101 and it was connected through a hole in a board placed over where a window pane was. Workers were in this room removing linens, curtains, etc. and the mattresses were turned on their side. Once this was complete, the room was closed and the machine was turned on. I asked the front desk about this and was

told that bed bugs are not the reason and that "they are just trying to get the room really clean", but also felt like my question very much caught the desk attendant off guard and that he was not being truthful.

Also, I have a mysterious bite on my left forearm. There is a possibility that I got it the following night when we camped, but it does not look or feel like a mosquitto bite.

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