Inn at Virginia Mason
1006 Spring St
Seattle, WA

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Stayed here the last night of the Winter Olympics. My husband pulled a bed bug off my shoulder and my blood spurted out of the little beast.I called the front desk and they were calm and cool about it. They gave me garbage bags for my clothes and pillows from home. With instructions how to wash every thing in hot water. They moved us to another room. I took a really long shower and still felt crawl.if my husband hadn't had tests the next day at Virginia Mason hospital, we'd have been so gone.

Was in Seattle October 5 and 6th and stayed at Inn at Virginia Mason in room 709. Upon returning home developed clustered bumps on arms and back. Classic bed bug attack. I get the feeling hotels could care less about infestations. Guests have usually checked out before they realize what has happened.

Stayed here one night (09/20/13) in room 405. Woke up with two bites on my forehead, followed later in the day with right leg, torso, and both arms erupting in over forty bites total while my bf had three or four on one arm as of Sunday. Contacted the hotel Monday, and they were all over it. The room was isolated and, I have been assured, thoroughly fumigated with the furniture receiving a special and professional hot treatment at a different location. The exterminators found a "colony" of six

bugs. Not sure how six bugs got us so many times in one night, but there it is. A previous guest in the same room filed a report AFTER our visit, so the hotel offered to cover anything and everything to make up for our discomfort which could have been avoided if the other guest had made her report earlier. Not a bad thing to say about the hotel. They handled everything courteously and professionally. I look forward to staying there again to prove to all and sundry that they are not a fleabag hotel. Please, report problems as soon as possible so others do not have to go through it too

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I stayed here for four nights and got somewhere around 70 - 100 bites during that time, mostly on my left arm and shoulder. This was my first encounter with these nasty little critters, and because of it I only realized afterward what had happened (at first I thought I was having a sun rash on my arm).

I stayed in room 409.

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