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Found a bedbug in Room 222 on the morning of 1/4/2016. Was definitely red and full from feeding on me overnight.

On November 3rd 2015 I was put in room 122 and my friend found an adult bed bug on her and was bitten! The front desk told me that they treat for them but they clearly are not doing enough!

Stayed in room 220 and awoke in the morning to bed bugs all over the bed, the walls and the nightstand! We are in Seattle for my husbands medical care and now have to hope we can decontaminate everything when we get home. What a nightmare.

Stayed from 9/7 to 9/12. Had a bed bug crawl across my pillow on 2nd night at midnight while we're watching tv. Room 247. They didn't have my rm type available so they put us in 2 kings which was so inconvenient...rms 137 & 139. The next day at 11am they moved us again to 234. Horrible time at this hotel. They refunded 2 nights stay. Hotels in the area were full so we were stuck. Came home and found a bug in my luggage. Threw EVERYTHING away & cleaned for 2 days. Ruined my family's vacation..btw

with all the moving around no wonder this place has such an issue with bed bugs.

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Stayed 3 nights in room 220. Saw a bug carcass but didn't think much about it. Found bites the next day, thinking they were mosquito bites but they didn't look and act the same way. Googled it when we got home and found out they were bed bugs! Yuck. Cleaning everything over and over now and hoping that nothing came home with us.

My boyfriend and I just arrived to this hotel. He went in to use the bathroom and I went to sit on the bed when I noticed a small bug crawling on the bedspread. I took a couple of pictures of it and confirmed with my boyfriend that it was in fact a bedbug. We immediately went to the front desk and cancelled our stay.

Stayed here mid November. There were red marks on the ceiling, but I never saw any bugs. The mattresses were encased. I am now being bitten in my home and just spent 2k on heat treatments for my house. I don't know if it was from this hotel or our stay at the Roosevelt. It is a rather seedy feeling and looking place.

This hotel needs to be shut down. The GM seem never to care when I had report that I had Bed Bug bites. I will never return to this hotel and also alert everyone on social media about this hotel and the Service and care I got.

Stayed there and in the AM me and husband noticed small little bugs called manager up she confirmed they were bedbugs assured be they were having an exterminator out and comped room other than that not much concern was shown from management even after telling them I had bites and would need to dispose of my luggage.

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