Hotel Max
620 Stewart St
Seattle, WA

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Interesting ... I just called the hotel after reading these posts. I was assured that they have had their rooms inspected and have not had any confirmed cases of BBs since February 2012. By looking at the map on this site however, it seems that all the major hotels in downtown Seattle have had complaints posted - actual verification by pest control is unknown.

I stayed one night and woke up with bites all over on December 11th of 2012

On top of that the hotel itself is tiny and very unpleasant

Stayed at the hotel max in December. We now have new house guests. I can't believe the hotel has had this many complaints and still has problems. This one night at Hotel Max is going to cost me $3000.00. I could have got the penthouse suite in vegas for that price. I wish I had known about this web site before my stay. I will check the bug registry before stay at another hotel again.

Hello. 9th floor. Little white and brown bugs ALL over our room!!! All over counter tops, walls, carpets, bathroom!!!! We are looking to see if they are baby bed bugs!! YUCK!

Update: Hotel Max comped our room, was very apologetic and helpful. They reported that they are working with a company to resolve the issue and we trust that in the future they will be bedbug free. It was an unfortunate situation but the hotel and staff are great.

09/10/2011 - Just got home from an overnight stay at Hotel Max - 5th Floor. Bites all over my feet. It is a great hotel and I hope they solve this problem quickly but it looks like it's been ongoing for a while.

I spent 2 nights recently (June 30, 2011-July 2, 2011) at this hotel with my boyfriend, gorgeous little hotel didn't even think to check for bugs; seemingly well kept and clean. unfortunately when i returned home on the sunday i showered like normal and saw a cluster a bite like marks on my neck and collar area, upon examining further i noticed clusters of bites on my hands, arms and legs as well! it has been a few days and the marks have become more swollen and red as well as itchy. went to the

doctor and he confirmed it is indeed bed bugs and asked if i had stayed at a hotel recently, and of course it all makes sense now. im extremely disappointed, it was such a wonderful trip and now im left with this!! it is still to be determined what if anything the hotel will do!!

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November 8, 2010 - 5th floor room

I Love this hotel and have stayed many times, unfortunately on the second night of my most recent stay I found a bed bug alive in the bathroom, I captured the beastie and reported it to the front desk. I had no bites that i could find form the previous night, and no other signs of bead bugs in the room. They moved me to a new room and had my clothes dry-cleaned. They have great staff who dealt with the problem efficiently and said they had never had a bed bu

g before.

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