Hotel 1000
1000 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98104-1008

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I recently stayed at this hotel, for 2 nights, we noticed the problem the first night and we reported it to the managment, they told us they were going to investigate and they take things really seriously, however nobody called me back the next day, and they told us they would charge us for early departure if we decided to leave, so we decided to stay but we change rooms, the second room on the 8th floor was even worst, you can feel the bed bugs walking on your legs at night, it's horrible, we a

gain reported it to the managment and they offered us free breakfast!! really, free breakfast for 2 nights of bed bugs infestation.
Really nice rooms but really need to do something about this problem, in the meantime I am reporting this to every site I can.

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I just found this site but want to report our experience over Christmas holiday 2009. Simply put, I went home with hundreds of bites and welts all over my legs and arms after staying at Hotel 1000. The bites don't show dramatically until days after you've been bit. On calling the hotel two days after our return home, they told me that they did, indeed, find them upon cleaning the room after our departure. I can't believe they didn't bother to call me first. They were extremely apologetic a

nd offered to pay for dry cleaning. I was naive and declined -- should have sent them the bills for everything.

Regardless, I spent well over $1500 on a trip to the emergency room for steroid shots and oral prescriptions, dry cleaning of clothes and jackets, bug inspections for the house/bedroom (in case we brought them back in the suitcase), and new beddings/pillows/mattress covers. Not to mention that the unbearable itching and unsightly welts didn't fully subside for nearly two months.

Bed bugs are no joke. Regardless of where you stay, be paranoid and check the room, bed and mattress out!

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