Green Tortoise Seattle Hostel
105 Pike St
Seattle, WA 98101-2009

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Stayed in room 215 upstairs. Hostel has great facilities, customer service, and free meals. However, I was definitely bit by bedbugs at the hostel. I didn't really notice my bites until I got back home, but I'm covered with very itchy bites all over my back and arms in the characteristic line bite pattern.

When I got back home, I contacted the hostel and let them know about the issue and room number. I thoroughly hope they take the proper action to remove these pests so that another guest doe

s not have to experience a similar fate.

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09/16/14 - stayed one night in a 4 bed dorm. Thought I was just going to take a little nap before the organized pub crawl but ended up falling asleep and waking up much later. lets say from 9pm to 1 am. Woke up with an intense itch on my inner thigh. Looked at it the next morning and there were two little red marks. they are still itchy several days later.

should have mentioned it to them the next day but they were busy checking people out and although I was suspicious I wasn't sure what i

t was at the time.

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I stayed there in June this year 2014-shared dorm-lower bunk for 3 nights. Felt itchy 1st night on my right thigh with about 3 marks. Didn't pay much attention as I love the food & location of the hostel. When i got home after my 3-day trip, i counted about 7 big red marks. Some as big as 1 inch across and red, purplish color (might be allergic reaction to the bite). They stay itchy for a long time and i still have those marks 2 months later although they have faked to much lighter color. Befor

e, it was embarassing to shower in public with those big purplish marks on my thigh.

I sprayed insecticide in my bedroom and couch and washed all my sheets, pillow cases and clothes in hot water. I got an idea it could be bed bugs as i got mosquito and no see ums bits before but they don't leave marks like that and don't last as long.

Just watch a documentary on TV about bed bug and put the 2 and 2 together and learnt about this site. Hopefully, the hostel can do something about that as i love both the Seattle and San Francisco hostels. And the guests keep an eye on the pest.

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Stayed there for 2 nights for our first mini-vacation in a long time. Awoke at 4 a.m. the first night scratching, and approached the reception staff enquiring about reports and to show them the new bumps that were emerging on my hand. The reception staff denied that it was bedbugs, and offered me calamine lotion stating "it must be a mosquito or something". Returned to bed sleeping very little for the rest of the night, but waking up with many more bites - 4 on my face, 3 on my left arm, 3 on

my right hand. a couple on my neck and back, and later discovered a cluster on my ankle. My partner began to notice he also had bites later that day and now has big marks all down his calf and forearms. The following night we paid $20 extra for a private room (as the staff refused to acknowledge there was a problem) and when we brought it up once more at check-out (not requesting money, merely to ensure they knew it was an issue and could deal with it) the man at reception again denied there was a problem. When my partner showed him the bites on his arm, he merely stated "I don't think that's what those are" and refused to make eye contact with me, as the left side of my face was now swollen as a result or a reaction to the bites and scratching. It could have been a great place, and I understand that it is not an easy problem to deal with, but the lack of accountability was unacceptable. I went to a pharmacy today for cream to treat the itching and swelling and the pharmacist advised that I seek medical attention due to the severity of the bites. I will have to take tomorrow off for a clinic visit - really not impressed. It could have been avoided if they had just let me switch rooms when I initially brought it up. It was room 214, the lower double bed to the left of the door, October 9th-10th.

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Stayed ONE night at this hostel, and am still paying for it. ROOM 109, the 6-bed female dorm, April 2010.

I had been staying at a friend's place before, but his place is 2hrs from downtown so thought after staying there I'd get a cheap room downtown instead for a night in-between regular hotels. When I checked in, the place seemed pretty clean (the showers especially) and the service was great. I was in fact raving about the hostel until when I checked out, when I saw a few little red welts o

n my arms. I was still clueless and didn't suspect a thing. It was only later on in the day when I had a shower did I notice MANY of these red spots on my legs, which was really NOT pretty. It itched occasionally, but because I was dressed in so many layers of clothes, I did not notice it until too late.

I am pretty pissed because I don't know how to deal with this and it might mean I will have to get all my clothes laundered. Other than the fact that bedbugs are disgusting of course.

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i used to work here...the staff has always been diligent about bed bug awareness.

I stayed at this hostel (can't remember the room number, sorry), for three nights, and was badly bitten by bedbugs. I had no previous experience with them, and it took me a while to clue in to what was happening. The third night, I woke up and found a live bug in my bed. I notified the desk, and they moved me to another room but did not notify the other people in the room (it was a shared dorm room). In retrospect, I should have let them know myself, but I left early the next day.

management did not offer much of an apology, either. I would not stay there again, myself.

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