Days Inn North Seattle Aurora
19527 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA

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I spent the night Dec 16th 2015 at this location in room # 220. I couldn't sleep due to itching all night. I fell asleep exhausted about 5am, upon awakening I saw fresh blood spots on the sheets and 2 small spots on the pillow I used. I found bites on me so worried about bed bugs lifted the sheets and 2 worn mattress pads covering a well worn mattress encasement. All layers had little dark bugs. Looking online I realized the bite patterns several in rows were bedbugs. I talked to a maid outside

the room when I went back alone several bugs had disappeared but some still there. I told the manager he went to the room was gone about 3 minutes actually and returned saying there were no bugs but he did admit to seeing the blood spots. I told him I SAW the bugs, he denied. I've gotten new bites since coming home though I tried to launder my clothing some escaped into my home. The room wasn't very clean upon looking with the lights all on either I would recommend careful consideration before staying here.

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Found a bug on the sheets in the morning which I'm now 99% sure was a bedbug. Bites showed up a few days later.

I stayed at this Days Inn from November 9th through the 15th 2011 and left with a dozen bed bug bites. Over the next five days, dozens of additional bites appeared, and today I counted a total of 125 bites. My doctor verified these bites as being bug bites yesterday. I have had to throw out my bed at home in fear it has become infested.

One additional note: the maids at this Days Inn are not thorough!! When I was walking down the hallway, I overheard two of them talking about a pillow,

and one said to the other "Its fine. It doesnt look like they even used it" meaning they did not wash the pillowcase between uses.

I have called the Days Inn corporate offices, and are waiting for them to call back.

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