Crowne Plaza Seattle Downtown Hotel
1113 6th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101-3002

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Stayed on the 18th floor 09/21/13. Checked the mattress before bed and the sheets in the morning. No problems. No bites. All is good.

Stayed for four nights in June 2013.
Stayed on 10th floor.
Room was fresh smelling and clean at check-in.
Happy to report no signs of bed bugs.

08/14 - Myself and my co-workers went on a business trip for a week in Seattle. Myself on a lower floor and my co-workers on floor 19. On the second morning of being there, one of them found a bug crawling across her bed. She didn't think much of it and killed it. Later that night when she settled into her room another bug crawled onto the bed and she killed it. This time she investigated and found numerous amounts of bugs in the bed skirt as well as little blood stains from where previous ones

had died. When she called the front desk they informed her that their staff is well trained on spotting them, and attempted to deny the situation. However, she had caught several of them in a glass and trapped them there so when the bell hop and the maid came to assist in moving rooms (about 15-20 minutes after the initial call), they could see them. The maid that came up was very nonchalant about the situation. We informed them that they need an exterminator and they claimed they called one that would come that night or the next day. However, no one else on floor 19 was aware of the potential situation. My co-workers had the hotel clean their belongings as well as comp the room for the 3 nights of inhabitable space. I just hope other people are aware so they don't have this problem and/or have it follow them home.

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