Best Western Loyal Inn
2301 8th Ave
Seattle, WA 98121-1907

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I spent four nights at the hotel. Did not see any bugs or get bitten at the hotel, but got bitten about 17 times the night I arrived home in LA. Have been cleaning and spraying ever since but have not found who bit me, nor have I been bitten again.

Stayed in this hotel on October 19th, 2011, as part of a large group that occupied nearly the entire place. Found live bedbugs in one bed. Captured them and took to night manager. He managed to move us to a vacated room next to vending machines. No other choice. Did not see bugs there. Couldn't go elsewhere because of group arrangements. Warned everyone else in the group to disinfect everything they had the following morning.

I stayed at this hotel from January 14 - 17, 2011. I woke up with a couple of bites yesterday and this morning there were about 5 more bites along my chin line. I turned the lights on and then I saw a bed bug crawling on my pillow. I captured it to show the management. They immediately transferred us into another room, but now I am very worried they are in my luggage. The manager is not in, but I will be asking for a full refund. Now I have to deal with my luggage and personal effects which

are probably contaminated.

Further to my report, I would like to add that the hotel manager was very helpful and sincere in dealing with the situation. He was very professionaI and willing to make things right. I do realize that it is an awful problem and it can happen in the best of hotels.

My intent to register the bedbugs was in no way meant to harm the reputation of the hotel. Our stay at the hotel, other than the bedbugs was a positive experience. The breakfast was great, the location was perfect and the staff was very friendly. It is just so upsetting and unnerving when you are bitten up and you find bedbugs in the bed you have been sleeping in for 3 nights.

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I stayed in this hotel 8/23-25, in room 429. The next morning I woke with several bites but did not recognize them as bed bugs at the time. Still I informed management. More bites continued to develop and after afternoon nap I got more fresh bites. At this time I managed to capture one and showed it to the managers. Still was not sure it was a BB, they offered to switch me to new room but by then clothing and luggage was contaminated so the bugs would have just moved w/me to contaminate another

room. By 2nd morning 1 had btw. 25-40 bites that kept me irritated for 12-14 days When I got home I had to do a major decontamination of all clothing and luggage. A real pain. They did give me a 20% discount on room rate but I think that was too little.

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