Seatac Inn
17108 International Blvd
Seatac, WA 98188

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Rooms 216 and 217- July 15-18,2015
On July 16 I discovered terrible bed bug bites on my skin. I asked to move to another room and they moved me next door. Same problem in this room as well, as I noticed more bites. When I asked to be moved, she acted like this wasn't the first time she's heard this, ad gave me a bit of an attitude.
I had such a terrible reaction I had to get medical attention.

Bedbugs in room 204 on 8/30/2014

We checked in on June 5, 2014. The hotel was disgusting. It was dirty, moldy, and unsanitary. There was blood splattered on the walls. When we lifted the sheets back is when we saw the first bedbug. After looking through the sheets and mattresses, that's when we found even more. When we reported it to the hotel, they could care less, even when we showed them the pictures of the numerous bugs, mold, and blood.

the bedbug problem has been taken care of in this motel as soon as it was reported to the hotel they call in a bugman to take care of the problem and so far no more reports of bedbugs have been reported at this hotel

I recently submitted a positive review for Seatac Inn in TripAdvisor.
Unfortunately I woke up this morning covered with bedbug bites.
Trip Advisor does not allow for a review to be edited so I am posting here and in Yelp.
I want to emphasize that the room looked and smelled clean.
Sadly I cvome to the realization that the bedbug problem is out of control and I am cancelling all my upcoming trips. I'lltake only day trips until the problem subsides. This is the second time

in six months I got infected. The bites willgo away, although painful, but I am terrified to bring them home.
What a bummer!

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