Rodeway Inn Seattle
2930 S 176th St
Seatac, WA

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On august 14th and 15th, I stayed 2 nights at rodeway inn seattle wa. With a friend i hadn't seen in 5 years. 10 days after we returned home I noticed a cluster of very itchy bumps on my arm. A doctor said I was having an allergic reaction. The following day my friend sent me pictures of her breakout on her abdomen. Knowing this couldn't be an allergy I began to research, discovered it met the description of bedbugs and went to the review site for the hotel where I discovered bedbugs had been r

eported by others. I called the hotel who reluctantly provided a full refund. Though both my friend and I wait to see if our homes have been contaminated. Since we did not know of our exposure until over a week later we did not follow any precautions to prevent the spread.

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