Red Roof Inn Seattle Airport
16838 International Blvd
Seatac, WA

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During the stay at red roof inn hotel and we were in room 312....was awake at 330 am by burning and stinging that does seem to happen when a 2apartment or hotel may be. Infested with" Bed Bugs" we've been staying with the RedRoof Inn hotel since they used to serve you a few doughnuts or at the least it used to be a great way to make sure that your guest feel closer to home with the hotel placing a newspaper in front of each and every room door 😊all the extras....just May have been enough for

a lot of guests to come back again. ...EVEN WHEN THEY SEE a few. Bed bugs. ...The best way for the RED Roof inn to regain the trust of the public's interest from bed bugs and their bites is to address these concerns and comment on them and actually send out a bit of what you had to do in order to get rid of the ebil t

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Itching woke me up around 3 am...huge welt on face...saw large bug on pillow...several bites on my face and neck...given another room, but changed hotels immediately.


We stayed here on 2-20-2014 in room 345. Woke up with bed bug bites on our bodies. Disgusting. Don't stay here.

December 4, 2013 There was a bed bug on the sheet coming towards me when I turned the light on in the night.

I didn't notice until after I checked out I had several bites all over my legs and chest. Now I have to find a way to get rid of them from my apartment. It's been a week and I have a few new bites every day. Don't stay here.

Was browsing web late at night on phone, and saw a couple bedbugs crawling on the pillow. Killed them both, one was full of blood. Happened 1/16/2013.

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