Ramada Suites Seatac Airport
16720 International Blvd
Seatac, WA

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We stayed here Sunday night July 27, 2014 after having missed our flight, Room 227. Wish we would have checked this website beforehand, but didnt know about it.

When we got there that night I did pull back the sheet to look at mattress grooves as I had read about this online previously, but didn't see anything. But upon waking, we saw a goodly amount of evidence including some bugs themselves and blood spots on the sheets.

They gave us our night's stay free, but I expressed my thought th

at they should give us some coupons or something else. She said they could not do that since each Ramada is a separate franchise. I don't quite buy this.

I told them they should not be putting people in rooms where they know there are bedbugs and she said they don't know until someone reports it. It's pretty obvious from this website though, that they have a known problem.

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April 9,2014

As we were getting ready to leave for the airport, I found a red bug on my duvet. I picked it up in a tissue and showed it to my sis. Not having any experience with bedbugs, we didn't know if we found one or not. It was red, shiny, and about the size of an eigth of a dime or a little bigger, maybe the size of a ladybug, only no spots, and it was dark red and more oval shaped. I didn't see any scale markings in the shell. I don't have any bites that I know of yet. But I'm goi

ng now to find out. I did not know all the places to look. I just looked at the corners of the mattress, but not under it. Even if it wasn't a bed bug, (I really do think it was) I would never stay at that hotel again. It was dirty and dumpy and smelled of urine I. One of the stairwells (I got lost looking for the lobby). I am freaking out now. My luggage is downstairs on my sisters carpet as we just got home. Does anyone know if the red bug we saw could have been anything other than a bedbug? PLEASE SAY YES! But only if you mean it!

What do you do with clothes that will shrink it hot water?

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Had to stay here overnight on 5/26/13 when my flight was delayed.

Ended up with 10 bites up my left leg. Room 217.

June 2012
I woke up with bed bugs on my sheets. There was an infestation on the side of mattress that sat next to the wall. I let management know and was moved to another room. No bugs there but was a miserable night trying to sleep. I complained upon check out and management was willing to refund one night only of the two I was there. I complained to corporate Ramada and after a few back and forth emails between me, corporate, and local hotel (who still refused to refund me the second night) c

orporate finally sent me a check for the second night.

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Update to my post of Oct. 18, 2011:

After 3 phone calls to Ramada's Customer Service, I received on Nov. 1 an email from the Hotel Manager apologizing for my experience, saying that he takes this matter seriously, and offering a discount on my next stay. While I appreciate his response, it took almost 3 weeks for him to respond which is far too long. And I doubt that I will take a chance again there.

I stayed here Sunday night, Oct. 9, 2011. Because I read Ken on 08/06/2011, I phoned the front desk to express my concern with my reservation and asked to have my room pre-checked before my arrival. Front Desk person said she would check when I arrived because she didn’t yet know which room I would have. When I arrived, she told me my room was safe, but when I entered it, I did my routine check: Place luggage in bathroom on tile floor; take out flashlight and check all drawers, check couch and

padded chairs, check along carpet edges, take linens off bed, check mattress, check beneath mattress on box spring, check everywhere. I found a bed bug between the mattress and box spring. I trapped it, took it back downstairs, showed it to the Front Desk person, she phoned a maintenance guy who was skeptical because “they just had the place sprayed.” I showed him the dead bug; he was frustrated and said that he would call the fumigation company. Because I’ve read that bed bugs don’t necessarily migrate from room to room, I took a different room on a different floor. I did the same check, and no bed bugs. So I stayed. I did another check before going to sleep. No bugs, no bites. When I returned home, I phoned the hotel manager, Alin, and left a message. I also emailed him twice. No response. I won’t stay here again. I phoned the Ramada Inn’s Customer Service number 800-828-6644 to complain.

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We checked in to this hotel last night, only to discover 2 bed bugs crawling on the pillows...........told the front desk and they seemed surprised. They offered us a new room for a 20% discount, we declined and ran away as fast as we could!!!!!

First Night 8/1, woke up in the middle of the nite itching feeling a couple small bumps on my leg. At first I didn't think much about it but the next night it got worse, and in the morning (8/3) I told the front desk. I had little red spots, all over my feet, legs and arms. They moved me to another room. I never heard back from them about what they found in the room but when I came home I had to strip down to the nothing before I came in the house. I left my computer bag, suite case and all suit

e out side. Everything else got thrown in the washer/dryer. Since heat is the only thing that kills them I left my suite case, computer case, shoes out in the 95 degree sun all day, and took everything else to the cleaners. The manager of the hotel never called me back. When I called earlier to talk with him they told me he was in a meeting, when I hadn't heard from him all day I called back and they told me that he didn't come in today.
This place is a mess!

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