Towneplace Suites by Marriott Seattle South Renton
300 Sw 19th St
Renton, WA 98057-3343

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OK, I earlier reported what I thought were bedbugs in my room at the Townplace Suite Renton Washington. I thought I could come back here and edit my post, but I'm not sure how to do that. So, to whom it concerns, the maintenance people did a check of my room and found that this was not a bedbug but a carpet beetle. He checked the mattress, the sofa and the head board. One more carpet beetle was found while he was checking. They went ahead and applied all fresh bedding,
So, if these are not bedb

ugs and are beetles then please do not register a report. Thank you.

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The TownPlace Suites (Marriott) in Renton has two twin buildings and in both cases it was on the top floor, building B (the one that is opposite and across the parking lot from the lobby-check in). I found what looked like a beg bug carcass on the left night stand the second night I was there.
A few days later, I saw a dark spot on the cushion of the pull out sofa and didn't give it much thought until I looked again closer. A very slow crawler, it was big enough to grab with a paper towel and

sure enough, it was a live bug.

About 5 years ago, same hotel, my son was staying here and said, he felt something on him and found a bug. He kept it and when I arrived to pick him up, I brought the critter to the front office wrapped in a little plastic. They were very busy and I gave it to a man and told him, I thought it was a bedbug. He said he would report it. However, I have not seen any "bedbug" reports on this hotel at this site, so maybe I'm the first one.

This is quite often an 'extended' stay hotel because some people stay longer than a week and as well, a business travelers hotel. It is not far from SEATAC airport. It's generally clean, but I think it needs an inspection and now am afraid that perhaps these bugs (unseen) might have made their way into my luggage or clothing. I don't want to bring them home!

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