Comfort Inn Port Orchard
1121 Bay St
Port Orchard, WA

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11/14/2015 Wish I didn't have a reason to post this because I liked this place. Unfortunately, at 2 am I woke to find something crawling on my neck. I managed to grab it and take it in to the bathroom where I could turn on the light and ID the culprit. I looked it up and it was definitely an unfed adult bedbug. As of yet, I don't think we were bitten at all, but maybe we just haven't noticed yet. We're washing everything we had with us, and I'm going to let the hotel know. We're all a bit sad th

at we won't be going back there...

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July 28th, 2013. Stayed only one night and left with multiple bites. Staff seemed unwilling to acknowledge the problem and instead kept asking me what room number I stayed in, likely so they could spray. Unable to get a hold of the manager. No resolution. Will never stay here again.

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