Super 8 Port Angeles
2104 E 1st St
Port Angeles, WA 98362-4956

Found 3 reports:

My wife and I stats in room 318 on 11/14 &11/15. Unfortunately, we didn't realize that bedbugs were the issue until after the second night. We each got bit 10 or so times. After contacting the hotel, the manager offered to refund our stay and cancel our upcoming reservation. I wish we hadn't had the issue, as the staff was very good.

We stayed there from 11/13/11-11/16/11. On the morning we were leaving we found a bed bug on the sheets. The mattress was clearly new, so we didn't dig much further since we were checking out. We took the bug in a cup to the front desk. They acknowledged it was a bed bug, and took down our room number. When we asked the front desk "do you have problems with bed bugs?" we got the answer "not recently."

I stayed in room 204 from 9/20 - 9/22. I looked down and saw a bed bug walking across the sheet. The lights were on and it was about midnight. I pulled the mattress off and found another one on the box spring. I collected both bugs in a cup and took them downstairs to the night attendant. He recognized them immediately as bed bugs and told me that in the nine years that he had worked there, he had encountered three incidents with bed bugs.

He credited me for the last night of my stay and mov

ed me to a room on the third floor at the other end of the motel.

About 8 days later, I broke out with little red welts all over my arms, legs, feet, neck and waist.

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