The Sands Ocean Front Resort
801 Ocean Shores Blvd Nw
Ocean Shores, WA

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Had read previous reports of bed bugs in the hotel, but my grandma and I had been staying there for 14 years and never had issues. I woke up on August 19th I had small bites all over my body. We ripped open the sheets and there were small bugs all over. My grandma and I went down to the reception area and they denied ever knowing about them.

Found a bed bug on my pillow the night of 5/8/2015 In room 211. They moved me and comped me that night. The staff said the turned the room over 3 more times and found 2 more. I didnt get any visible bites and I was super cautious about treating everything before entering my house again. Hopefully i didnt bring home any hitchhikers :( i found a bef bug report on another site for the same room back in August of 2014 but the hotel staff denies any infestation for the past 5 years.

Arrived on October 12, 2011 around 8pm. Having dealt with Bed bugs a few years ago, I am a bit paraniod about them. I asked the front desk clerk if they had any complaints about bed bugs in the last year, and he told me no and assured me that each room was thoroughly cleaned after every visit, etc. Feeling more confident, I booked a room. On the second night, I awoke to find I had several bites on my arms and shoulders. My girlfriend had none. I couldn't sleep, so I stayed awake the rest of

the night and before the front desk opened, actually caught one running across the headboard!!! When I reported it to the person at the front desk, and showed them a live bug in a ziplock bag, she informed me that they had a complaint the week before from a room below mine that shares the same wall!!! The manager told me that the young man that checked me in was new, and just didn't know. Either way, this was complete incompetence on the part of the hotel management. What's worse is that I even asked about this before booking a room, only to be misinformed, and then put in a room in direct contact with the problem!.

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Shortly after retiring we realized that there were other things in bed with us. When I turned on the lights about 5-7 bugs scurried off my pillow and under the headboard. We immediately called the desk and the person there didn't seem surprised. We were given a full refund but had to drive 2 1/2 hours home that night. The owner called us and did seem regretful that we had the problem and said that his manager hed verified the bugs being there the next day. He said he had never had that proble

m before and would set to work immediately to correct the problem. The casual way that two desk personal received the news of the bugs suggests that possibly they had heard the story before.

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