Best Western Sky Valley Inn
19233 State Route 2
Monroe, WA 98272-1513

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Stayed August 31, 2014.
Got eaten alive. Didn't realist till later day of the 1, as this is the first time ever for me.

Managements claim to be bed bug free since Fall 2010 is patently false. I stayed at the Best Western Sky Valley Inn in July 2011 and woke up after being bit by a bed bug.

After a sleepless night, I alerted management the next morning. There was no surprise or shock on their behalf. They quickly refunded my money and apologized.

In all, their staff was understanding & helpful. However, they are misleading consumers if they are telling people they have been bed bug free since 2010. I know m

anagement was aware of at least one incident since then -my experience in Summer 2011.

My advice: find somewhere else to stay. This has clearly been an ongoing issue and management is not being transparent with the public.

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This hotel has had NO issues with bed bugs since the fall of 2010 after a massive pest control process - this is not something the hotel takes lightly and is of extreme concern to us as the lively hood of the owners, management and every employee depend on it - we continue a pro-active approach towards this problem that has existed in the ENTIRE local area in the past as opposed to a reactionary one to ensure the property is taken care of properly and each hotel guest can feel comfortable sleep

ing in our beds . The hotel has been under new management since December of 2010 and has made great strides in all departments - the top two being cleanliness and staff training and knowledge

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We stayed at the Best Western Sky Valley Inn September 15- 19. There were bed bugs. We have spent the last weeks cleaning and exterminating. It has been a painful and expensive process we never want to repeat! First noticed a rash, that developed into bites. Many guests at this hotel moved from this hotel to the Guest House, which is very close. The cost of this hotel bill just keeps growing. I recommend both hotels be thoroughly exterminated.

On Saturday 9/25/2010 I checked my family into the Best Western Sky Valley Inn in Monroe, WA.
We arrived late from SEA/TAC airport , didn't even bother to unpack , just fell into bed and slept til morning. My wife and I went to breakfast and returned to our room with a tray for our daughter who was sharing the room with us. She got up , pulled back the covers to set down the tray and thats when she started screaming that there were bugs in the bed with her. She didn't seem to have any bites bu

t we did notice blood spots on the pillow. The hotel offered us another room , but we declined. We were not charged for the stay.
I am appalled that there is not one report about this and the hotel has remained open.
All I can say is I am glad that we didn't unpack our bags !

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