Cedars Ocean View Inn
208 Bolstad Ave
Long Beach, WA 98631

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This hotel has now changed its name to the Inn at the Arch. Not sure if they still have a bedbug problem, but they are operating under a new name.

We were there for 20 minutes when we checked the mattresses and found what were more than likely dead bedbugs. upon telling the management he first tried to blame it on my 7 pound dog who never even left her kennel and these bugs were under the mattress. A motel maid upon seeing the bug said looks like a bedbug then lifted the mattress further finding pieces of another one. ewwww we left, our money was refunded a few days later. When we checked out the guy who was quite unorganized at the front

counter ( he said he was the owner) treated me as if I did something wrong he told me I don't care if you stay or not I want people here who are less hassle....WHAT? that's so unprofessional and rude.Needless to say I will let friends know of the incident and NEVER stay there again which is a pity since when it was called the ocean lodge I had been staying there with my family and friends all growing up for 3 decades..

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